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Paint Wild

Set of Paint Wild watercolour brushes

Set of Paint Wild watercolour brushes

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Paint Wild watercolour brushes

Paint wild with this set of three (3) round watercolour brushes! 

Designed to be available to watercolour enthusiasts worldwide, free from use of animal fur - and with some fun and aesthetics in mind - these professional grade watercolour brushes can hold all the water you'll need, and can get you beautiful thin and precise strokes as well as thicccck juicy ones.

  • Cruelty-free: brush hairs are imitation kolinsky hair
  • Great water-holding capacity 
  • Round shape with a fine point for precision 
  • Matte black handle that doesn't distract from your work in pics and vids
  • ...but with a fun wear-resistant print on the back to remind you of your wild side

Set includes the following sizes in shape round:

  • 3/0
  • 6
  • 8

Brushes come with a protective plastic cap (to be removed then disposed of) and a washable coating on the bristles to protect them during transit.

Paint Wild brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. Designed in Australia and handmade in Europe by a family business with decades of experience in brush making.

Paint Wild students are saying:

  • "They are divine! I had yet to find a round brush that felt good, was soft enough to flex well, but not too soft, and kept a beautiful tip all the while. Not to mention, 'no animal hairs involved'!" - Mariam
  • "I love them. They feel so good to hold, and lovely to use" - Paula

Usage and care

Using your brushes for the first time

When your new brush babies arrive, they will have a plastic cap over the bristles. Remove and chuck ‘em in the bin. Trying to put them back on later can damage the bristles. Your brushes also have a protective coating making them pointy and stiff - this is to help prevent any damage to the bristles during transit. To remove it, give your brushes a lil rinse under some running water, and gently loosen the bristles using your fingers until they feel nice and soft. Now you can go paint!

General brush care tips

To make sure your brushes last a long time, there are a couple things you should know. Cleaning watercolour out from your brushes can generally be done by swishing in a figure-8 in a clean water jar. Avoid jamming the bristles down into the base of your water jar as it can bend and damage them. If you find you have a colour that doesn’t want to come all the way out (usually some pesky blue) you can use a special brush soap or cleaner (like Master’s) or you can also get some gentle hand wash in the palm of your hand, and swish your brush around in it to loosen up the stubborn colour. Rinse well before using again. If you like to store your brushes in a container with bristles facing up, please ensure the brush has fully dried before doing so, or water can seep down into the handle and cause damage. Dry your brushes flat after use to avoid this, and do not leave them sitting in water or on a wet surface otherwise cracking of the handle can occur. If you notice the cute lil design on the back of the handle becoming stained from your watercolours, give it a good scrub with some paper towel and brush soap or hand wash.

Shipping and returns

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Please note

Paint Wild is a home-based business, and elements of the packaging will unavoidably be exposed to an environment with pets. Please consider before purchasing.

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