Are your watercolours professional / artist grade?

Yep! Our colours are made with professional grade pigments and supplies. For information on each colour including information on lightfastness, please see 'Our Colours' in the main menu or click here.

What goes into your watercolours?

Pigment, gum arabic (acacia tree sap), distilled water, clove oil, vegetable-based glycerine, locally sourced organic honey and a whole lot of love.

What are the glass tools you use to make the paint?

A tempered glass slab and muller are used to disperse the pigment powder into our handmade binder solution. They're not used for grinding down the pigments, a common misconception!

Can you tell me where to get supplies to make my own paint?

Yep, Google! We don't disclose our own suppliers, and available options to you will vary depending where you live - so best to jump on Google and look for powdered pigment suppliers near you. Check that they are intended for watercolour, as many pigments are made for other industries such as cosmetics or car. 

Can you tell me the recipe you use?

Nup! You'll find our ingredients listed above, the rest is up to you :) our recipes vary depending on each and every colour, as all pigments are unique and behave differently. 

Are your watercolours non-toxic?

Our paints have not been rated as non-toxic by any agency or organisation. Our paints are intended for watercolour painting only, use only as intended. Our paints are not intended for use by children.

Safety is often overlooked when creating art (cos we're too busy having fun!), however please take note of and adhere to the below to ensure you have the safest painting experience possible:

  • Please keep our paints and paint water out of reach from children and pets
  • Do not consume or ingest our paints or paint water, nor put paint tools in your mouth
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while using our paints
  • Avoid getting paints on your skin and wash hands after use
  • Cover any cuts and wounds before painting
  • To avoid getting any paint on you, wear gloves and an apron
  • Do not paint near open flames
  • Keep containers and tools you use for painting specifically for painting
  • Keep our paints out of extreme weather conditions for optimal performance
  • Allow our paints to fully dry before storing away to prevent spoilage


Are your watercolours vegan?

No, our watercolours are made using a small amount of locally sourced organic honey.

Where can I find out more about a particular colour?

Click right here.

Why are your paints more expensive than the ones down the shop?

Handmade paints are just that - made by hand! Due to the time it takes to handcraft paint from scratch, our prices are usually higher than that of commercial brands who are able to produce large quantities in big factories with big machinery. We also use a lot more pigment and a lot less 'filler', so our colours have more of the good stuff in them.